A Great Photograph is Worth a Thousand Words!

                           Why Choose Us?

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We are a talented Husband/Wife team with a wealth of real estate photography and video production experience.  Because we are small and independent, we  provide our clients with responsive, consistent and personalized service. 

We love to shoot at dusk and there is no way we would want to discourage it by charging more for it (dusk shoots can be more difficult to schedule however).  In fact, we will do alot of things to get optimal results without steering you to the "ala carte menu" (i.e. elevated curb shots, use lights when necessary, move unwanted items from the scene, shoot strategic HD video clips, edit out unsightly clutter, etc.)

We have mastered a "Hybrid" High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography Technique that includes the use of multiple Speed Lights when necessary.  We move from one shot to the next only after capturing the exposures that will become an accurate and impressive image of the subject matter.

We custom create each VFPro Video with the intent of "telling the story" of the properties that we shoot.  YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google and posting a captivating video is an effective method of gaining exposure and boosting your SEO.  We include the VFPro Video in every package.

We also add the highly portable Virtual Tour Platform to every package.  The virtual tour is like a marketing "swiss army knife".  It's many tools include mobile ready branded and MLS compliant versions that feature full screen HD media display, royalty free music, custom branded banner, printable flyers with QR code, google maps, school information and much more.  Also included is syndication to roughly a dozen of the leading marketing sites (i.e. Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo) in addition to Realtor.com for Showcase Listing subscribers. 

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   Showcase Your Business With A Custom Video!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom video presentations.  Our clients have presented this powerful marketing tool via the internet, meetings, trade shows, and through the distribution of DVD's.  With custom video, you have the power to set yourself apart from your competition, put a face and a personality behind your logo and communicate any message you wish with your potential clients.  

Custom Videos are the pefect way to showcase your own business as well as specialty listings such as ranches, estates and commercial properties.  Visit our Custom Video page to learn more.

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