The Vision-Finder Story

Vision-Finder Productions is appropriately named, for it represents the spirit and soul of it’s founders.  Those who know Scott and Tammy Medsker have witnessed them apply their creativity and out of the box thinking in all that they do.  Vision-Finder Productions is the product of that originality combined with decades of business and experience. 

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The main focus of their new enterprise, Vision-Finder Productions is to produce effective, professional and affordable video tools that can be used by clients to promote their own businesses through channels of communication that did not exist until recently.  “Our clients have a vision, and we have the vision of helping them share it by first understanding it ourselves, then putting the art of the craft into motion” says Tammy.  At Vision-Finder, Scott and Tammy collaborate together wearing the hats of an entire production crew,  which has also been made possible by recent technological developments.  Together they pour their experience, knowledge and talents into each new project and that passion is being recognized. 

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                                Scott and Tammy Medsker